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Centres abroad – "Scenic Transfers"

Being based in Prague we do provide our „Scenic Transfers“ etc. in the both directions: from / to Prague.

Firm price quotation given in advance

The noted rates are per a car per  up to 3 passengers and include fuel / diesel, toll in Austria & tax. We shall gladly provide rates for a vehicle up to 7 passengers & their luggage upon request.

Prices for tolls in other countries (Slovakia, Poland, Hungary) are not included.

Route's price

Route A

Prague – Dresden – Berlin
9 100 Czk
  • Either direct (4 hours) or panoramic (6 – 7 hours) journey with a stopover in Dresden

Route B

Prague - Cracow
11 500 Czk
  • Nonstop 6 hours, as a day trip with stopover at Auschwitz

Route C

Prague - Vienna
7 300 Czk
  • Direct 4 hours

Route C2

Wine region or Cesky Krumlov
8 000 Czk
  • Via wine region or via Cesky Krumlov as a day trip

Route D

Prague - Munich
9 100 Czk
  • Direct(4 hours)

Route F

Prague - Salzburg
8 800 Czk
  • Scenic transfer through Alpine massives on the A1 and the deep forests in Southern Bohemia, CZK, as a day trip with the stopover in Cesky Krumlov, the both options cost

Route E

Prague – Budapest
11 500 Czk
  •  6 hours long transfer with the option of sightseeing and lunch in the heart of The Southern Moravian wine centers – Lednice or Valtice or Bratislava , the capitol of Slovakia a day trip via "Danube bend", Szentendre, Visegrad, Ezsterghom, , the both options cos

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