Little history

Since beginning our operation in 1998 we have had the pleasure of serving hundreds of satisfied customers. We started with transfers from the airport, railway and bus stations to the several hotels in Prague as well as with transportation to restaurants, theatres, galleries, etc.


Attracted by our reasonable prices and quality of service, a growing number of travellers have chosen to hire us for sightseeing in the Czech Republic or for trips to large cities in central Europe.

To meet the increasing variety of requests by our travelling customers our service has expanded and we can now:

  • arrange to have a local bilingual guide available for sightseeing excursions in the Czech Republic
  • provide information about places of interest to visit, restaurant and bars
  • booking for the tours in passenger´s mother tongue in advance
  • purchase & delivery of the theatre / concert tickets for the performances taking place in Prague
  • provide information about accommodation in Prague

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